Pagan Wiccan Witch Magic Spell Crafts eBook Collection

Pagan Wiccan Witch Magic Spell Crafts eBook Collection
Wonders of Wicca


  "An ye harm none, do what ye will"  

Merry Meet,

These are the best and most complete  set of eBooks on the Wonders of Wicca around. These reading materials  are for your personal life only, not for selling or for profit. The is  the best Wicca literature collection in the world. Hurry to get it right  away.

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All mysteries of the Universe. Some say Myth, some say Legend & some say  the Oldest Religion. Until recent years, it has been kept in the closet.  But now there are some VERY prominent names speaking out on the subject.

I think Scott Cunningham summed it up early, at the end of his  introduction to "Wicca A Guide For The Solitary Practitioner": "Wicca is  a joyous religion springing from our kinship with nature. It is a  merging with the Goddesses and Gods, the universal energies which create  all in existence. It is a personal, positive celebration of life. And  now it is available to all."

What we have attempted to do is to bring you the best collection of  ebooks on the subject that we could find. We searched high & low, &  finally have put together this package for you.

Now, we are Proud to Present:

The Wonders of Wicca eBook Collection!

Here is your chance to get 40 Occult eBooks at a real low cost.

This is the Possibly the Largest Collection that you will find on eBay.

All Titles Are Listed Below :


Witchcraft Collection 1

101 Contradictions in the Bible
A True History of Witchcraft
Book of Occult
Book One of Wicca
Book Two of Wicca
The Necronomicon Spell Book
The Wiccan Book of the Dead

Witchcraft  Collection 2

Alexandrian Book of Shadows
Develop Your Psychic Abilities
Magick Books of Occult Philosophy
-The 1st-4th Books Of Occult Philosophy - Henry Cornelius Agrippa
ebook the greater key of solomon
-The Greater Key of Solomon Book 1 & 2
-The Greater Key of Solomon Order of the Pentacles
Egyptian Book of Dead
Interpretation of Dreams
Sacred Text

Witchcraft  Collection 3

Arbatel of Magick
Basic Technologies of Witchcraft
Healing Spells
Herbs and Their Magical Properties
Protection Spells
Sword of Moses
The Order of the GBG
The Truth About the Masons

Laws of  Wicca

Drawing Down the Moon
Invocation of the Horned God
The 13 Principles of the Wiccan Belief
The Charge of the Good
The Charge of the Goddess
The Decent of the Goddess
The Four Powers of the Magus
The Great Rite Invocation
The Law of Power
The Three-Fold Law
The Wiccan Rede
The Witches' Chant

The Witches' Creed
What is Magick
What is Wicca

PLUS, Your Also Going To Get...

Charmed Book of Shadows

An Amazing eBook...a must for Charmed  fans!!

All the spells used in the show!!

220 Pages in total!!

Did you think that was all?
We are just getting started...
You ALSO Get...

Astrology & Tarot eBook Collection

-Dispelling Some Common Myths about Astrology
-The 12 Zodiac Signs
-The Natal Chart
-The Chart Wheel
-Basic Tarot Card Reading
-The Major Arcana Cards
-The Minor Arcana
-Divination Spreads
-The Seven Basic Chakra

19 Classic Ghost Stories for Halloween

These 19 Classic Tales

The Book of Werewolves

Are Werewolves Real? What do you think? Are they real? What have the masses concluded about these mythical creatures? How has the Werewolf myth come about and how has it evolved? In this new Ebook entitled The Bookof Werewolves and authored by Sabine Baring-Gould in 1865, you get 116 pages chock-full of fascinating stories and information about allaspects of lycanthropy.
If ever you’ve been interested in these abominable creatures, now’s your opportunity to become an expert on them!

How To Interpret Your Dreams

Have You Ever Wondered What Your Dreams Mean? Unlock The Power Of Your Mind By Interpreting Your Dreams. Are you like hundreds of other people out there who want to know what their dreams are telling them? Are you struggling with a problem and don’t know how to solve it? Do you have unresolved issues and are unsure which way to go to tackle them?

The Secret and Power of Crystals & Gemstones

Why do crystals & gemstones have power? There are many theories but one of the most popular is that all crystals have the capacity to absorb energies, emotions & knowledge. The variety in their composition means that each type absorbs different powers & these powers are then naturally imparted to the user or wearer.

  • Charmed Book Of Shadows
  • Dreams Package
  • Feedback Analyzer
  • Garnerian Book Of Shadows
  • Herbs and their Magical Properties
  • How to Become a Wiccan or Witch
  • Simplified Scientific Astrology
  • Tea Leaves eBook
  • The Necronomicon Spell Book
  • The Wiccan Book of the Dead
  • Wiccan Magick Spells
  • Witchcraft and Medicine
  • ...... Many more, more, more......


I am the copyright  owner of this listing

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Note: To compromise with eBay  digital item policies, this listing is for the copyrighted eBook collection on a  CD. It will be delivered by Canada Post.

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