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British Columbia Wild Blackberry Plant Seeds, High Yielding Thor

British Columbia Wild Blackberry Plant Seeds, High Yielding Thor
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British  Columbia Wild Blackberry Plant 

- 30 Seeds-


British Columbia Wild Blackberries (  Zones 3 - 9 ) are thorny, arching cane  with palmate-compound leaves, white,  5-petaled flowers and familiar fruit;  flowers white to pinkish, 5-petaled,  radically-symmetrical 3/4 inch across,  with many bushy stamens, in loose  clusters; fruit aggregate, black,  elliptical, faceted,  1/2 to 1-1/2 inches  long; leaves palmate-compound, up to 7  inches long, 3 to 7-parted, leaflets  sharply toothed, up to 2 inches long;  stem biennial cane trailing or up to 9  feet tall, arching, reddish-brown,  sharply thorny; roots perennial.

British Columbia Wild Blackberries are  edible berries that belong to the  Rosaceae family. They are also known as  caneberries or brambles. They are an  aggregate fruit that are composed of  many smaller fruits called drupes. They  are a healthful food packed with  vitamins and nutrients. British  Columbia Wild Blackberries have  many different uses in making delicious  foods. They can be eaten by themselves  or with other foods. They can also be  used to make jellies, desserts and wine.  Like many other fruits, they are a  delicious and healthful snack.

British Columbia Wild Blackberries are  full of nutrients. Specifically, they  are great sources of vitamins A and C.  According to,  one of the best benefits from wild  blackberries is their quantity of  phenolic acids, which con
tain  anti-carcinogens.
 It  is easy to get the nutrition from  blackberries by consuming them by  themselves or adding them to other foods  such as yogurt or cereal.

Nutrients in raw  blackberries


Value per 100  grams

% Daily Value


43 kcal


Fiber, total  dietary

5.3 g


Sugars, total

4.9 g


Calcium, Ca

29 mg


Magnesium, Mg

20 mg


Manganese, Mn

0.6 mg


Copper, Cu

0.2 mg


Potassium, K

162 mg


Sodium, Na

1 mg


Vitamin C, total  ascorbic acid

21 mg


Vitamin A, IU

214 IU


Vitamin K, µg

20 µg


Folic acid, µg

36 µg


Carotene, beta

128 µg


Lutein +  zeaxanthin

118 µg



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This auction is for  30 seeds of British Columbia Wild Blackberry  Plant. 

These seeds  were freshly harvested in last fall on Vancouver  Island and tested viable for  planting.

A Planting  instruction is included.

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